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Damian -member of Fausts
-Faust of William

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William, the Lycan went towards the west.

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William -member of Demons
-Demon Prince Belphegor

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On it sir *runs extremely fast west*
Damian Black (Van Helsing)
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"William, pack up my things. We are chasing a Lycan"


Descendant of Van Helsing
Faust of William
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive, Contracted
Age Seventeen
Other statistics
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Black (Originally Brown)
Species Faust, Hunter
Location Traveling


Damian Sebastian Van Helsing-Black was the eldest son of Madame Katherine Van Helsing, and thus the next in line in the mighty Van Helsing hunters family. Though he was lightly trained while he was young, he never took part in any real training until he was five years old. It was then that Damian woke up happy, on the morning of Christmas, running into his parents room to wake them up. However, his parents were not going to wake up, as it seemed they had been killed in the night. Opening his presents, he found a sword and a black horse named Kay from his father and an old pistol from his mother that once belonged to his ancestor the great Abraham Van Helsing. The boy spent the next year traveling around North America in search of the mages of Tulka, who it was said held the mighty Book of Death. Finally finding them in an old cave, Damian used text from the book to summon the great demon prince Belphegor, or whom he formed a faustian contract with, asking him to help him find and destroy whoever killed his parents. Damian renamed the demon William, and they set off on their journey too the mountain of old, where Damian trained and became a highly skilled hunter. At the age of fourteen, he set off with his demon and steed to start his life as a hunter and begin his quest to find his parents killer.

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