Damian Winters
Clan Son1
I don't have time for this. Danny. - Damian

My master has asked you to leave, if you don't, well, I love Blood - Danny

Hunter of Vampires
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Age 18
Other statistics
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Black
Species Faust
Location Wondering


Damian was a normal child up to his parents 14th anniversary. As his parents were out his sister, Callie who was 13, was babysitting him and his other sister, Jenna who was 2. Damian was 8 and while his sisters were in the living room he sat in his room playing his PS2. He heard his parents come home so he pretended to sleep. After thirty minutes of waiting for them to check on him he went downstairs. He saw his mother, father, and sisters all dead with two puncture marks in their necks. A hunter showed up two hours later to see Damian holding his Callie's body, crying and rocking back and forth. The hunter was a kind man and when he saw the scene he broke. He brought Damian with him to his house and had his wife help him. They raised him to be a hunter but both knew he wanted revenge on the vampire that killed his family. He became cold and distant on his 16 birthday and his adopted parents knew it was time. They gave him a Halbraid and a black horse, They told him the name of the Vampire, Theron Vorhis, and sent him on his way. After three months he met Danny and became a Faust. His contract is that he eliminates all evil vampires in the U.S. A year has passed and Damian went from being blonde to black hair.


Damian has black hair that is spiky and messy. He has red slitted eyes because he is a Faust but they used to be blue. He wears a tunic and cloak when he is hunting for Vampires so he doesn't ruin his other clothes.


Damian is very cold and his most dominate trait is his hatred of vampires. 



Danny, Damian's Demon

Danny - His Demon from his Faust Contract. Danny is very protective and doesn't question Damian's orders. 

Ender - His Halbraid which he has soaked in Bermuda Water and garlic. It is very heavy and is a testimate to how strong Damian is.

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