Demons are creatures born in the realm of fire who posses human bodies or stay in their true form and walk amongst the Earth causing havoc. They also form Faustian contracts with fausts, in which they shall serve the faust until their particular wish is fulfilled and then consume their souls. Demons posses various magical abilities, along with advanced intellect, strength, speed, stamina and endurance. They are also immune to all diseases, as demons are the creators of disease. Though to many they are the most powerful species in the realm of men, they are bound to their realm and must make a faustian contract (forming a bond with a human), return to the realm of fire or die. They often use their powers to get things, thus most do not have a job however they live in a house. Demons also often live with their fausts. Demons are not allowed to form relationships with anyone but their fausts by demon law.


In their true form demons look almost nothing like humans with large red bat-like wings, a pointed tail, tentacles on their head, long talon like claws, goat like feet and blood red skin. However, while possessing a human they look almost the same as that human making them extremely different to tell apart from that same human, however hunters have learned to notice several small differences caused by demonic possession, similar to fausts. Most of the major differences happen in the eyes, their pupils often grow and look quite dilated, the black lines in their eyes become much thicker and their eye color darkens to almost a blackish color. Their ears also begin to develop a small point, and if you look at their teeth they also begin to sharpen. The largest and most noticeable difference is their fingernails, as they seem to not stop growing and develop a razor-sharp edge. Black horses bow when a demon walks by, another reason that hunters often ride the steeds.


Demons are invulnerable to anyone but other demons and mages while under a Faustian Contract, however without a contract they do have a few weaknesses. The seven demon blades however, hidden throughout the world are the only objects that can truly kill a demon.

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