Dragon Smith
I am an Elite Hunter.Wanna mess with me?Try. -Dragon
Elite Hunter
Martial Arts Master
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Age 25
Other statistics
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde(Originally White)
Species Human
Location Somewhere

Dragon -member of Hunters
-Elite Hunter

 – 04:12, January 4, 2013 (UTC)

You wanna fight?


He was born with a different name but his Parents died when he was a Young child and he forgot it.He only knew his Last name which was Smith.He grew up in a small House the Wild training himself with his Father's Sword and his own Martial Arts form.He was attacked every once in awhile by another Species but he was able to fight them off due to his Self training.Over time he grew stronger and stronger but never saw another Human so he thought he was the last one.He pondered this and realized he had to stay alive to keep the Human Race going.But later when he was 14 he was found by a Group of Hunters.He went with them and they soon found out about his Intense Strength when a group of Lycans attacked.They took him to their Village and enlisted him in the Hunters quickly.The Villagers called him Dragon due to his Sword and Martial Arts abilities so he put that as his adopted First name.He then grew to an Elite Hunter and takes his Job very seriously.


He has a more Serious Personality but does Joke around to lighten Moods.He does grieve about his Parents Death every once in while though.


Martial Arts- He is Self taught in Martials Arts and also knows a Few moves from other Forms aswell.

Sword Fighting- He is also self trained in Sword fighting and is quite the Swordsman.

Shooting- He does know how to use a Gun but he isn't very skilled nd has bad Accuracy.

Crafting- After living alone for so long he learned how to craft things by hand

Hunting- He also had to learn how to hunt for his own Food as kid when he ran out.

Survival- He has learned how to Survive in the wild and is very good at it.


Dragon Phoenix Striker- A short Power Up of Energy for 1 minute.

Strong Arm- A Charged Punch that can deal a good mount of damage to an opponent.

Tornado Spin- A Spin attack with his Sword.

Hurricane Kick- a Kick that can knock an opponent back easilly

Blast Swing-  Sudden burst of energy while swinging his Sword.


Sword- His Father's Sword is a Titanium Blade that is Stained Red from battle.

Weighted Gloves- His Gloves he always wears are weighted with Iron.They help him in hnd to hand combat.

Pistol- He has a Pistol but he hardly uses it

Scanner- He can use this to find Monsters


  • He origianally had white hair but it turned Blonde over time do to his Kill count.
  • He is Left Handed
  • He isn't too fimiliar with Technology

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