Drake Grace
I'm sorry I don't speak this language very well. Plumbeus Civis! - Drake
Roman Noble Child
Lycan Kid
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Age 13 (1538 if you want to be technical)
Other statistics
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blake
Species Lycan
Location Wondering


Drake was actually born in 475, The year before the last emperor of Rome died, to a weathly and noble family. Even though Rome had fallen His family was still rich and so they bought a large peice of land and invited all of their family to live with them. When Drake was 10 he was bitten by a possesed wolf. The next night was a full moon and when his family saw him that kicked him out. He wondered around for two years and by the 14th month he was tired, hungry, and cold. He was found by a mage named Ceaser. Ceaser took him in on the requirement that he helped him with whatever he needed. Ceaser knew he was a Lycan but he needed a another hand around the house because he was constantly working. Eventualy the two became unseperatable and Drake often helped Ceaser with his potions. After a year Ceaser got cancer from his spell and was dying. A large group of hunters had heard of a Strong Mage that was sick. They thought it was an easy kill so they sought him out. Ceaser heard of this and decided to save Drake. He used all of his strength to send Drake forward in time but he didn't know when he would land. He landed in February 23, 2012 in the United States. He wandered around but when he got pulled over by the police. He didn't know his last name so he told them Grace, because he saw a Three Days Grace poster while wondering and it stuck with him.



His sword

Drake has a suprising skill of making potions. It is unkown if it is because he helped Ceaser so many times or a natural skill

He has a very good sense of smell but this is most likely because he is a Lycan.

He can speak Latin fluently.

He knows his families sword style and is proficiant at it.


He doesn't have much for gear because he knows next to nothing about this time. But he did bring a sword from Rome with him.


Drake has black hair and brown eyes. He is around 5'2" and is fairly skinny. He isn't very muscular but it is expected because he is only 13. He wears a Trench coat and pants he stole from a Goodwill and Nike shoes also from Goodwill. He carries a large case that holds his sword and where he puts food. When he transforms he becomes a light black/dark gray color with green eyes. 


Drake is very mature for his age but most people think he is stupid because of his language barrier. He is slowly learning English but because of his Dislyxia and ADHD it is very slow.He often uses Latin words while talking on accident. Drake isn't very trusting and is often confused about this new time he is in.

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