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Welcome to Draven!Edit

Draven Village is a small town in Northern Minnesota founded in 1872 by a lycan by the name of Sheriff Douglas Collins, originally created to be a safe have for creatures of the night, more specifically his werewolf tribe which also went by the name of Draven. In 1887 however, a wave of settlers came from Wisconsin and since then both humans and creatures of the night have lived there. It is at the top of the ancient mage mountain of Iphyrus, and thus people in the city often come in conflict with the mages. It was the thirteenth werewolf city ever founded, and the largest one (with a population of approximatley 387,000), despite still being quite a small city. Its mayor is a lycan by the name of Peter Savitsky, and various hunters including Damian Black reside here. On the entrance sign there is a note from the mayor saying:

Dear Citizens,Edit
Welcome to Draven, one of the most popular ghost touring cities in Minnesota! To go on a tour please visit the Sean Charles Paranormal Tours Center in the center of town, and if you have any issues please file a report at city hall. I hope you have a wonderful stay hereEdit
Mayor Peter SavitskyEdit

Places in DravenEdit

  • City Hall
  • Ghost Tours
  • Mage Cave
  • Draven High School
    • Draven High School
    • The Cave of Magii
    • Sean Charles Ghost Tours
    • Daven City Hall

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