It has been more than five hundred years before humanity has believed in the old ways, and the shadows of their nightmares still run upon the world of men causing more chaos than ever. There are however, a few chosen few who still have the pride to believe in "legends", and these are the times that they are needed most. It was called Ragnarok by the Norse, the so called "end of the world". It all began approximatley three thousand years ago in the Ancient Greek city of Athens. It was a time before evil, a time where only those of good had power on the Earth, "the Golden Age", it was called. Amphictyon, legendary king of Athens ruled as a fair and just king, and all seemed to be right in the world. It was then however, that an event occured that would change the world of men forever. A boy by the name of Erichthonius discovered in the ancient library of Athens a book written by an Ancient Priest speaking of a realm of power below the earth of the men known to the preist as simply Η μεγάλη πυρκαγιά (the Great Fire). Reading from the ancient text, Erichthonius summoned the dark prince Leviathan, prince of envy which was something Erichthonius had much of. By reading from the text, Erichthonius opened a Luceferian Passage, a doorway between the realm of men and the realm of fire, from which the prince came. Through the help of Leviathan, Erichthonius killed the great king Amphictyon and became his new succesor.

Yes, it seemed all was perfect for Erichthonius with many beautiful suitors and riches as far as the eyes could see. However, by summoning Leviathan Erichthonius had formed the first Faustian Contract in more than four hundred years. Once the wish of the master was fulfilled, the demon was to claim the soul of the master and end his life and any chance at future lives. This was a fact that the king did not understand, and less than a month after he was summoned, Leviathan returned and devoured the soul of Erichthonius. All seemed to be done and good right, the faustian contract was over and Leviathan should be returning to his realm, right? WRONG. You see, Erichthonius had always been a forgetful man, and a foolish one as well. Because of these traits it seemed, Erichthonius had forgotten to close the Luceferian portal between realms, allowing free passage to any creatures or spirits from the Realm of Fire to return to the Realm of Men. Demons would come and form faustian contracts with humans and animals, spirits long dead would return to their Earthly bodies and humans over time learned the study of witchcraft, the magic of the ancient book of Erichthonius, which would later become known as the Book of Death. The portal formed on the island of Bermuda kept growing and growing, until it consumed an entire triangular section of the Northern Atlantic Ocean and was stopped by a practicer of the Dark Craft known as Silias III.

And now, thousands of years later, the tasks of Erichthonius have seemingly brought upon us the end of days. Ignorant people go through strolls through the forest and find themselves bitten by a possesed animal and turned to a lycanthrope. Vampires travel the streets no longer needing to search for their prey, and humans simply walk about with no protection. Mages bring distraught to their enimies, and people simply try to treat it with medicines and find themselves dead within the hour. The Prince of England himself has found his life intertwined in a Faustian Contract between his family, and the most powerful of the seven demon princes. Yes, it is a dark time and it seems that none of us will survive. For hundreds of years Ireland and Scotland were safe havens from the darkness, but now the demons have consumed all of Europe and seem to be moving on to North America. It must truly be the end of days.

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