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Hunters are humans who hunt down creatures of the night and kill them, a tradition that is usually passed down through generations of the family to the eldest child (thus is with the Van Helsing Family). Over time it seems that nature has developed a way of rewarding the hunters, as each time they kill a creature of the night their appearance seems to change (it will change more dirastically depending on the power of the creature). Through training hunters have developed advanced  intellect, strength, speed, stamina, reflex and endurance, and tend to have extremely good health. Though most hunters only hunt creatures that have been causing damage, some hunters believe all creatures of the night should be destroyed and simply slaughter them all. Hunters who seem to look nothing like humans are highly respected in the hunter community, and many hunters start from an early age.


Before their first hunt, hunters look exactly like normal humans however over the course of time they develop several strange features. For example, their ears will develop a point that can make them often become mistaken for mages, and their hair darkens eventually becoming a pitch black color. Their teeth and fingernails also sharpen, and eventually develop poisoned tips. Their skin pales, and their muscles also grow with each kill. They also eventually develop a widows peak and a thick British accent. Their pupil also slits, and their eyes will change to either a reddish or a yellow color. Though they generally dislike creatures of the night, they especially have a dislike for Vampires. They have a grudging respect for fausts and mages, and become quite close to the black horses that they ride, eventually developing a telepathic link with the steed.


Hunters are technically vulnerable to almost everything, however as they often become wounded during their battles their skin often becomes much tougher. They are also very intelligent and agile, however most things can still damage them easily.

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