Lycanthropes, or Lycans are humans which have been infected by a possesed animal, thus taking a peice of the demon upon themselves and become an animal and human hybrid like creature. Untrue to popular belief, a lycan cannot bite a human and make them a lycan themselves, as they do not have enough of the demon inside them to posses anyone through infection. Through the process of lycanthropy, Lycans assume a form very similar to the animal that infected them, and are shown to increase dramatically in strength, speed, stamina and endurance. Lycans also typically develop various disorders including ADHD, Austism and Dyslexia. Lycans primarily reside in North America, as many of the first of their kind were once Native Americans. They live in large tribes or "packs".



Lycans are known to have their brows meeting at the center of their nose, long, curved, poison tipped fingernails, and low set ears. A trait discovered by Russians in the early sixteenth century is that all lycans have curved bristles under their tongue. During the full moon they can look almost indistinguishable from their animal selves besides not having tails, retaining their human voice and eyes and being much, much larger. After returning to their regular selves they are often very pale and drowsy, as lycans are quite weakened when the moon is not large.  The Swedes learned to spot a werewolf by noticing they are sometimes prone to run on three legs, sticking the fourth one out behind them like a tail. They typically have very bad smelling breath, as they are prone to devouring recently buried bodies. At an old age, lycans appear to develop the ability to paralyze children and animals with one single gaze.


Lycans seem to be extremely vulnerable to electricity, thus the popular use of silver as silver is extremely conducting of electricity. Since the 1990's, hunters have created special bullets cased in silver and diamond that move electrons and actually produce a large bolt of electricity that surrounds the bullet.

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