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Mages are practicers of the dark craft who thus have learned great magical skills and follow the ancient teachings of the Book of Death. Mages typically do not seem to be on the side of hunters nor monsters, however some have chosen to become hunters or guardians themselves. Through use of the dark craft, mages gain heightened intellect, strength, speed, stamina and endurance. They are also immune to diseases regularly, however they can become infected through a spell. They typically live in seclusion and only form relationships with their fellow mages, however some have been known to form friendships and even become allies with various creatures and hunters. Besides themselves, mages typically think fondest of fausts, as they consider them to be "humans with a difference" like themselves. Practice of the dark craft also seems to change their appearance in various ways.


Mages have the most difference in appearance out of all "humans with a difference", as they do not have anything to hide from hunters or creatures of the night. They look much healthier, their skin tanning and their muscles growing dramatically. It is nearly impossible to find an obese mage. Their pupils also darken and their ears grow a large point, making them look similar to the elves of folklore. Their hair becomes a lot lighter sometimes even achieving a white color, and they grow very tall, most mages being at least seven feet tall by the age of sixteen. Black Horses will follow mages, as they think of them as one of their own.


Mages, though technically human are very hard to damage do to their wide variaties of spells including magical shields. However, their is a certain herb from the forests of Romania that can cause a mage to loose its magical power while within half a mile of it.

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