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Quinn -member of none
-Half hunter/Half demon

It would be wise for you to stay out of my way.
Quinn Icarius
Vital statistics
Position Hunter/Half-demon
Age 17
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'8
Weight around 120


Quinn's mom, Amelie, was just a normal teenager living in a poor district. She scoured the sectors and found work wherever it was avaiable. Working late nights, she soon found herself in a tough position she couldnt get out of. His name was Brosef, and he had the dreamiest eyes. They seemed to sparkle in the night and she soon fell in love with his hadsome features and charming personality. He vowed to protect her, and so she agreed to marry him. Soon after they married, however, he revealed his true nature. He was a demon. She tried to run but he consumed her and made her bore a child for him, so that one day the child may be his servant and do his every evil deed. Amelie died moments after Quinn was born and just as Brosef was going to take her away something stopped him. Quinn couldn't turn into a demon. She was half human as well. He couldn't control her or take over her mind because of that part in Quinn that was human. So he left her on earth, and went to go do the same thing to a fellow demon woman. Quinn was left abandoned that day, with no one to take care of her. She stayed in a hospital until she was old enough to be on her own, then she scoured the realms in search for work just like her mother. Instead of falling vulnerable to men, however, Quinn dedicated her life when she was 14 to killing her father and other demons. She has a strong hatred for her father because he ruined her and killed her mother. Quinn is currently a demon hunter, but will also kill anything else for a hefty price. She is one of the most well-known hunters in the world, and the only female with an haunting bloody shot. Her primary weapon choice is bow and arrow.    


Though QUinn is half-demon, she still is a regular girl. She isn't girly at all and prefers never to get married because she hates men and thinks they slow her down. She doesn't mind having guy friends though, and is considered one of the guys because she occasionally cracks jokes and can fight as good as ten men. She has taken martial arts and karate and isn't afraid to shove your face against the wall. She prefers her bow and arrow that she made herself.

Appearance     Edit

Quinn is very beautiful and takes after her mother's whit and charm. She has her father's dazzling eyes and sometimes, at random times, they shift over to demon eyes. She cannot turn completely into a demon but sometimes there are glimpses of her half demon side. In her demon stage, she has small red wings (which she was use to fly sometimes but has not tried it before), half red skin and half human skin (in streaks and cuts all along her body, showing she is truly half demon and half human). She doesn't possess goat-like feet, tenticles, or a pointed tail. 


Brosef Father Hates his; wants to kill him and all the demons
Amelie Mother Loves her and wishes she was alive; wants to avenge her death

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