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Vampires are humans whose spirits have escaped through the Bermuda triangle from the Realm of Fire, who posses their former bodies and walk among the living, drinking the blood of the innocent to survive. They also possess the ability to turn another into a vampire by biting their neck, however the cause of the vampirism is unknown. Through the process of Vampirism, their physical bodies change sightly in appearance, dramatically increasing their intellect, strength, speed, and stamina. Vampires also seem to be immune to all known diseases, and can spread the Bubonic plague. Vampires primarily live normal lives with jobs, families and friends, however some live in clans in the ancient caves and mountains of Europe. 


Vampires look nearly exactly the same as humans besides a few defining traits, including pale skin, red eyes that seem to be almost glowing like a fire pit ,dark circles surrounding the eyes similar to those of a raccoon and two large pairs of retractable fangs. Their fingernails also seem to be pointed and elongated like talons, with a poisoned tip at the end. They also seem to develop a thick British accent, and are prone to wear black as they think of themselves as "one with the darkness". They are known to use umbrellas in the daylight as the sun seems to easily burn their pale skin. Black horses also neigh when a vampire walks by them which has caused various hunters to mount the steeds, using them as an alarm and a detector. They do have reflections in a mirror, however the appear blurry in film and have an extremely light shadow. 


Vampires do burn easily in the sun, and may die within fifteen hours of exposure due to sun poisoning. Their skin is very hard to penetrate, and often requires something of the likes of a diamond bullet to be injured. Most vampires are allergic to various vegetables including garlic, however it can only do major damage to them if they eat it. Water from inside the Bermuda Triangle also has a burning effect on vampires.

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